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“At the Trocadero” PDF and MP3 package

“At the Trocadero” is an original tune I wrote with Wayne Hawkins that tells the story of my parents and their favorite club when they were dating in 1955. The building of the now-forgotten Trocadero Club still stands at 39th and Main in Kansas City, Missouri, but the music is long gone. “At the Trocadero” paints a picture of what it might have been like those many years ago. Wayne’s composition put my lyrics into a call-and-response form between the vocalist and tenor sax. Combined with the tenor functioning as a character in the song itself, the tune offers a fresh diversion from standard-form ballads and allows the featured artists plenty of room to express themselves. This package has been put together for players, students, or educators to practice or perform.” – John Armato

“At the Trocadero” PDF and MP3 package: (each package)


  • Includes everything you need in two keys (the original, recorded, key of Gb plus the more “friendly” key of F) with the following:
  • Complete score
  • Individual parts for piano, bass, guitar, drums, tenor sax, and vocal for detailed ensemble and educational settings
  • Lead sheets in Bb, Eb, and Ab for flexible instrumentation and less structured performance settings
  • MP3 shareable reference track of the full performance from the album (Gb only), featuring Lisa Henry on vocals and Doug Talley on tenor sax
  • Immediate access




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