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“At the Trocadero” PDF and MP3 package

“At the Trocadero” is an original tune I wrote with Wayne Hawkins that tells the story of my parents and their favorite club when they were dating in 1955. The building of the now-forgotten Trocadero Club still stands at 39th and Main in Kansas City, Missouri, but the music is long gone. “At the Trocadero” paints a picture of what it might have been like those many years ago. Wayne’s composition put my lyrics into a call-and-response form between the vocalist and tenor sax. Combined with the tenor functioning as a character in the song itself, the tune offers a fresh diversion from standard-form ballads and allows the featured artists plenty of room to express themselves. This package has been put together for players, students, or educators to practice or perform.

 “At the Trocadero” PDF and MP3 package: (each package) $9.99

  • Includes everything you need in two keys (the original, recorded, key of Gb plus the more “friendly” key of F) with the following:
  • Complete score
  • Individual parts for piano, bass, guitar, drums, tenor sax, and vocal for detailed ensemble and educational settings
  • Lead sheets in Bb, Eb, and Ab for flexible instrumentation and less structured performance settings
  • MP3 shareable reference track of the full performance from the album (Gb only), featuring Lisa Henry on vocals and Doug Talley on tenor sax
  • Immediate access



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